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Unlimited Video Content for $997 Per Month

We create one video and once that’s complete, we move onto the next! It’s that simple. Month-to-month. Cancel anytime.


Here's How it Works

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Review Your Script

The first draft of your script will be delivered to you within 3 days.

Choose Your Voiceover

Review our demo reels and choose the voice that's right for you.

Review Your Storyboards

Our art team delivers art concepts per your specifications.

Edit and Delivery

Our team shoots and edits your video and submits it for your approval.

Submit Your Next Brief

Once your first video is complete, fill out your next brief and we'll start on your next video!

Choose the Style of Video that's Right for You...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does unlimited mean?
For as long as you are subscribed, you can create as many videos as you want, one after the other. Once one video is complete, we will then begin the next. You will have unlimited revisions at each stage. We will not move onto the next stage until we have your approval.
What styles of video can I choose from?
2D Animation, Motion Graphics, Mixed Media, Whiteboard Animation, Chalkboard & Glassboard styles are all included.
How long will each video take?
Whiteboard Animation, Motion Graphics, Mixed Media, Whiteboard Animation, Chalkboard, Glassboard are estimated at 4 weeks production time. 2D animation is estimated at 6 - 8 weeks production time. ** Please note, your responsiveness is key to your team moving forward at each stage. Please also note that the longer the video, the more time it may take.
Why aren’t other styles like 3D animation included?
Some cartoon animation styles require more robust efforts. For those wishing to have an unlimited plan for those type animation, we do offer custom unlimited package. Speak to one of our video strategists here to learn more. 
Do I really need more than one explainer video?
The stats don’t lie. While one explainer video will have a dramatic effect on business growth, it’s having an entire video content strategy that will really make a significant impact. Check out this out: The incredible ROI of one explainer video.
What if takes a long time to get my video done? Will I end up paying more?
We want to be a strategic partner for your video marketing needs. Our goal is to help you move the needle in your business so that you see results and want to keep working with us and tell your friends about us! We want you to move as quickly as possible onto each video and our team is ready to nudge you if ever the pace slows down. The more we create for you, the better for us and the better for you!
What if I'm doing my own voice-over and scripting?
We love when clients use their own voice-over because it speaks more to your brand. We also love being apart of the scripting process because we want your videos to convert and have top notch copywriters on board to ensure that happens. However, if you provide any of these pieces, it simply means that we move faster and get on to your next video straight away. In the end, the more you provide the more you get for your investment!
Does this work for agencies?
Absolutely! We encourage our marketing agencies to use this for their clients. You can white label our team and determine your own price to your clients.

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What Else is Included?

Unlimited Videos

We create as many videos as you want until you cancel. Once one video is complete, we move onto the next!

Unlimited Revisions

We don’t move to the next stage until we have your approval!

Dedicated Production Team

2 Project Managers, Copywriter, Art Director, Storyboard Artist, Filming Artist, Editor

You Own the Rights

All videos belong to you! Forever!

Any Length

Your choice! No extra charge for longer videos

Includes the Works!

Copywriting, Voice Over and Music is all included.

25% VIP Discount

As a VIP client, you will receive 25% off of any other additional services for as long as you are a member. This includes copywriting services, 3D animation or other video styles not mentioned above. If you need more than one video produced at the same time, you’ll receive 25% off of the regular rates.

Unlimited Brands

Are you an agency using video to market for your clients? Your Unlimited package gives you the ability to create videos for any number of limits!

The Draw Shop Difference

The videos we create have 3x higher conversions and 5x higher click thru rates

High Conversion Rates

Video on your website can boost conversions by up to 80%. We make videos that win you more engagement, more customers and more revenue.

Scientifically Proven Formula

Using neuroscience, psychology and the StoryBrand Framework, we create content that compels your viewers to take action.

100% Custom Made

Every Draw Shop video is hand drawn by a world-class live artist and custom edited to match your unique style and “brand voice.”

Elite Client List

Our client list is a who’s who of top Fortune 500 companies, industry leaders, celebrities, bestselling authors and more. Ready to be our next success story?

What Our Clients Say About Us


An Entire Video Production Team at Your Disposal

Project Manager

Art Director

Project Coordinator

Process Sherpa

Art Coordinator


Digital Animation



Whiteboard Artist

Video Editor

Video Strategist

Compare Unlimited vs. Per-Project Pricing


Per Project

  • 40% average savings
  • ​VIP treatment and faster turnaround
  • ​Unlimited Revisions
  • ​No limit to video length
  • Full Agency Rates Apply per Minute of Production
  • ​Limited Revisions
  • ​Extra Cost for Music
  • ​The longer the video, the higher the cost

Cost Comparison

Our Unlimited Video Service brings our entire team on board to work on your videos month in and month out. If you were to hire this talent on your own, you'd pay 40x more every month at a MINIMUM!

Project Manager


Art Director




Video Editor


Voiceover Talent


Digital Artist




Minimum Average Monthly Expense: $41,522

The Draw Shop Unlimited Video Service: $997

You Save: $40,525

How Will You Use Your Videos?

Thousands of clients have used our videos for every purpose you can imagine! How will you use yours?

  • Explainer Videos
  • Internal Training
  • Lead Generation
  • ​Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • ​Demonstrations
  • ​Thank You Videos
  • ​Announcements
  • ​Holiday Greetings
  • ​One-Time Offers
  • Social Media Marketing
  • YouTube Ads
  • ​Sales Videos
  • ​Onboarding
  • ​Crowdfunding Campaigns
  • ​Seasonal Promotions
  • ​Case Studies
  • ​Recruiting
  • And anything else you can imagine!

No Contracts - Cancel Anytime

There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time. If you do cancel, you still get to keep every video we've produced for you to use in any way you like.

Ready to Get Started on Your First Video?

With the Unlimited Plan from The Draw Shop, our world-class team delivers our high-converting videos in any style with unlimited revisions for much less than you'd pay if you purchased them separately. Everything is included, and as soon as we finish one video, we move on to the next one. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time.

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